10 Essential Tools for Home owners

essential tools for home

When you own a house, you bear a responsibility to look after it, and dedicate some of your time when in need. Like other structures, houses stay strong most of the times, but there are situations when it may require some special attention, in the form of repairs. Now, that’s when you need the tools, to look into these small damages, and fix them on your own.

It’s understood that new homeowners may be unwary of these things, in the excitement of living in a new house. But remember, these tools may come in handy, especially during urgent matters. Whether your home faces a problem or not, here is a list of few essential tools that every homeowner must have.

Essential tools for home


A good hammer allows you to tap and remove nails, so that you are able to keep your structure all solid and firm. They come in various sizes that allow you to tend to immediate defects and fall offs. By using this tool, you can tap things into place.


A handy tool, which is found in every household’s tool box. It is used to screw or unscrew the nails, and can be used anywhere where nails are used. It comes in various types and sizes. Make sure that you have the whole set. Owning the simple Philip and flathead screwdrivers can help you with most of the jobs, if you are not planning to acquire the whole set. Make sure that you have small and large sizes of both Philip and flathead screwdriver.

Measuring tape

The measuring tape is another useful tool to assist you with measuring length, placement of objects and planning for installation of new furniture. It comes in various lengths.  For every small project, measuring tape is an indispensable tool.


There are different types of pliers used for various purposes. Wire cutter pliers are designed to cut wires and nails. The slip-joint pliers has serrated jaws that assist with holding objects, pulling, pinching and bending metal. It is also used to have a firm grip of many types of objects.


Sometimes your sink or toilet gets clogged, which is one of the major household problems that you may face. In such situations, nothing could replace the convenient tool such as a plunger. With a plunger in hand, you can quickly fix your clogged sink and toilet.

Safety glasses

When you are working with the chemicals, metals or any other foreign elements, it’s always safe to have your safety glasses on. It can prevent any foreign dust particles or elements from getting into your eyes. For most of the tasks, it can be a treasured tool.

Disposable masks

It’s never too safe to breathe in the dust and toxic chemicals, as it may infect us with various diseases. In such situations, you should have your disposable or safety mask on, to avoid accidental inhaling. Since the chemicals you use in the home repair may be dangerous, it’s always safe to have a safety mask.


Hacksaw is useful to cut all the objects such as pipes, bolts and brackets. It is a handy metal cutter with sharp blades. Even though the blade looks thin and flimsy, it will easily cut through the hardest metal. In addition, blades can also be replaced.


When you need to look for a problem in the defected areas (especially when it’s dark), flashlight can help you a great deal. It is greatly useful in dark and cramped spaces. Usually, the problems can be apparent only with the help of a flashlight, in case you are in darkness or looking over darker areas. Be ready to spend extra for batteries, unless you possess rechargeable flashlights.

Wrench set

The wrench has a screw on its head, and closed loop on the other end. It helps to get a good grip of something, when tightening or loosening it. There is another type of wrench which is adjustable wrench. Adjustable wrenches are ideal for situations, when you need to adjust the screws of the different sizes.

Lastly, the list may not include all the essential tools for home, but in most situations, these are the ones that you would require. For few specific functions, you would need the tool as per the function. For instance, for drilling, you would need a driller.

 A wise person never blames his tools. If you are not good with using the tools, avoid the risk of injuring yourself and get professional help and sit back and relax with professional services.

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