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St Augustine property inspection, the one stop inspector that covers all inspections services at one stop. William Reardon, the owner  of Precise Home Inspections, offers a full home inspection which covers irrigation, pool inspection, 4-point, wind mitigation, wdo inspections, mold inspections, insurance inspections, and infra-red inspections and certified to do all inspections. This one-stop inspection service has been welcome by realtors, buyers, and sellers. In addition, offers  low package deals that save time, stress and money for all customers. I’m grateful to those smart realtors, buyers, and sellers that use the one stop inspector. This provided Precise Home Inspections  to do over 256 inspection services last year with the one-stop service, which imposed cost savings to buyers and sellers in Flagler, St John’s and Volusia counties. So why to pay for separate inspection services that will increase your inspection costs. We suggest buyers and sellers  to search and price quote each service, then call the one stop service, Precise Home Inspections (386-864-0400). You should expect that our quotes will give savings. Finding a  St. Augustine property Inspection service that provides all services, also allows the transaction process to  for all parties less stress. So paying more doesn’t mean you will be given the best service, its paying for service that the customer comes first and all materials facts  provided. What separates Precise Home Inspections from other inspection companies, is the ability to do Wdo termites inspections under the direction of CPO.  These services are provided during the inspection. So buyers and Sellers, if  you’re looking save time and money, call Precise Home Inspections.  My loyalty is to buyers and sellers, that expect a professional detail inspection that is the fair price and all services are given at one stop. 

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Precise Home Inspections is offering free termite inspections with every home inspection in the month of August for St John's , Flagler, and Volusia counties. Precise Home Inspections 146 Palm Coast Resort Blvd #406 Palm Coast, Fl 32137
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Realtors Referrals Realtors referrals are helpful in providing the customer with referrals. This referral system helps guide and aid the customer with the understanding of choosing the inspector with the right qualifications. By providing them with information about the choosing of the inspector. The inspector must be certified by the Florida department of professional regulation and have the knowledge to provide a detail home inspections. In addition, be certified to do other insurance inspections as well. It's important for every home buyer to research the inspector qualifications and decide if the inspector meets the qualifications and the pricing standards for those inspections. In addition, buyers have a grace period obtain the inspections requirements within that grace period. Keep in mind that not every inspector is qualified to do all the inspections that may be needed for the home purchase. So, each inspection the home inspector must be qualified and certified. Such for example, wind mitigation, 4-point, and wdo inspection require additional certifications. Be wise to choose an inspector that is fully qualified to do all the inspections. This can provide a savings as well be easier in dealing with one inspector. Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please call Precise Home Inspections at 386-864-0400 who can offer all these inspections.
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