5 Easy ways to get rid of Termites

5 Easy ways to get rid of termites

If you love wood structures, whether they’re a part of flooring or furnishing, then you must hate termites. These creepy little insects feed on wood, and cause them to weaken and deteriorate over time. They hide in the darkness, they populate at a growing speed, and you can’t really figure out where they come from.

It is very crucial to control them, as soon as you notice the signs of their existence. But how do we do it? Presented here are 5 easy ways to get rid to termites that you can try on your own, at least most of them.

Expose your wood to sunlight

Sun is the natural enemy of almost all creatures who thrive in darkness, as they cannot resist light and heat. So, exposing your furniture to the sunlight could be an effective way of getting rid of termites. The UV rays in the sunlight act like a poison for the insect, since they dwell in the darkness. You just need to keep your furniture out in the sun for approximately 2 – 3 days, and it will kill them all.

Freeze the termites

If the place you live in lacks sunny days, you can try an alternative to get rid of termites. Now, it might sound crazy but even freezing the pieces of furniture can help you get rid of termites. Like extreme heat, they can’t live in a freezing environment. By exposing them to sub-zero atmosphere, you can kill them easily. For the purpose, you would need a large freezer, where you can put your furniture (either entire or pieces), to treat them.

Use Boric acid

An obvious way to get rid of insects is to use insecticide. Boric acid can be very useful to you, in your fight against termites. The chemical stops the nervous system of the termites, causing them to dehydrate, and ultimately die. Evenly coat your wood structures with this chemical and sit back. Boric Acid is a very common compound, and can be bought from your nearby chemical store.

Try beneficial Nematodes

What better way to get rid of termites than hiring their natural predators. Nematodes are tiny worm species that feed on insects. They look for hosts, in this case the termites, and borrow into them, causing them to die within 48 hours. Nematodes can be purchased easily, either online, or from your nearby garden supply stores.

Electrocution, heat and microwave treatment

Now, it is an already stated fact that termites cannot stand the heat. Various other forms of energy like electricity and microwaves could also be used to your advantage. Of course you might need to hire professional termite exterminators for the purpose, as they have the right equipment and skill to do so.

These methods are quite easy to follow, but you must be careful in the process. If you feel uncomfortable dealing with boric acid or nematodes, better hire a professional. You should not risk your well-being, or the state of your property, trying things on your own, if you’re not confident.

So what do you think? Were these tips helpful to you? Share your views in the comment section below.

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