Home Inspection Check list

Home Inspection Check list

While having your home inspected for damages, make sure that you have home inspection check list of these important sections. The following info graphic presents a checklist for home inspection. The inspection process is detailed and performed with digital photos that give a clear picture of the status of the home. The inspection report is sent out within 24 hours, giving the customers the needed information within the 15 days of the grace period. The Home inspection check list  follows the guidelines of the home inspection report, which makes the inspection report easy to understand and read. The most important areas of the home the can be costly to replace, is the roof covering and Heating and Air Conditioning system. These areas can impact the purchase price of the home. Also older homes with a roof covering of 15 years or more can be a difficult process to insure the home.  Suggest that when purchasing older homes, that you consult with your home insurance provided and request what is recommended for this aged home. Precise Home Inspections offer all home insurance inspections with reduce pricing during the home inspection process. The insurance inspections requested by most insurance companies for older homes are the wind mitigation, 4-point, roof conditioning report, and some cases the termite inspections. All these inspections can be performed at the time of the inspection process. I suggest that all sellers and buyers be familiar with home inspection check lists and have the understanding of insurance inspections.

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