HVAC system

HVAC system

Home Inspection isn’t just about checking your walls, floors and ceilings. It goes beyond that. It also includes inspecting your furniture and appliances, and a major part of this is HVAC system. The Heating and Air Conditioning system is major part of the inspection process. This system could be costly to replace and requires a thorough inspection before the buy property of any home. Precise Home Inspections provides the customer with a detail report on the  HVAC system.  With supporting evidence with the digital pictures of showing supply air temperature and return air temperature. These pictures should show evidence of temperature readings that display a difference  14-20 degrees between the supply and return air temperature, which indicates proper operation of the system. Florida HVAC system is most cases uses a heat pump for heat and cool air for operation. If system operates one mode of operation, it will run in the other. The suction line, should have foam sleeve covering the suction line to prevent energy loss. This is area the gets overlook, and replacement kept in mind when the covering deteriorated. Another area that is often overlooked as well, is the condensation line. In older home it’s often seen without a float safety switch, and replacement installed in event the condensation line becomes clogged. This gives warning the line needs replacement. Precise Home Inspection provides a detail inspection of HVAC system during a home inspection.

The following info graphic tells you why you also need to get your HVAC system inspected, along with other parts of your house.



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