Top 6 Tips

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Top 6 tips

Top 6 tips for hiring a home inspector, here are some ideas about all those factors that you need to consider while hiring a home inspector. Well, that depends on qualifications of the home inspector and the training . Have a look at the info-graphic below. The cost of the home inspection is not the reason in hiring the home inspector, although the square foot of the heated area is of importance. It’s doing the research when your Realtor suggest a home inspector to do the home inspection. Normally, they give out three inspectors to choose from. However, there are several types of research that are available, that can give the home buyer or seller the home inspectors qualifications, certifications, license and membership of an organization that gives a clear understanding of the hiring of an inspector. There are several home inspector that are qualified to do a home inspection, however, some lack the ability to do certified in the insurance inspections or to do a wdo termite inspections. They make great claims that wdo termite inspections are available but outsource to another company. What separates Precise Home Inspections from other inspector’s, it has  provisions to wdo termite inspections under the supervision Certified Pest Operator. Which allows Precise Home Inspections to do all inspections, home, insurance and wdo inspections for one customer. This makes the process easy for the Realtor, and the home buyer. For a complete package deal call 386-864-0400.  

home inspection, certified home inspection, home inspections florida

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