Top 7 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

Top 7 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

Home is a word that resonates deeply. For many of us, it evokes family, childhood and some of our most vivid memories. Home conjures images and emotions. Home makes us feel safe, loved and nurtured.

So, all of us dream to have our own home; a home that we feel pride in. When the home has so much to give to you, you should be willing to give back equally. Newton didn’t just state, “Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction.” If home takes care of your living, you should take care of it too.

In this context, the query that dwells is how do you take care of your home? The answer is a home inspection. Home Inspection is a vague term. If simply put, it means you should check every nook and corner of your home to make sure everything is in order. The home inspection includes roof inspection, electrical inspection, swimming inspection, pest inspection and much more.

Another important thing to consider is how will you manage to inspect your home all by yourself. You are neither certified nor trained to handle this task. So, the better thing to do would be hiring an experienced home inspector.

But wait, there’s more, you don’t just hire home inspectors randomly.

Once you decide on hiring a professional, you should search for a certified inspector. When you find such company, prepare a list of questions to ask your home inspector before you hire them.


7 Questions to Ask Home Inspector


Do you have a license to carry the home inspection service?

This is the first question you should be asking to your property inspector. You don’t want to get into legal issues or even additional financial costs. License and certification is a must if you are hiring a home inspector.

How long have you been practicing home inspection?

This will answer the degree of qualification your home inspector has. They will also talk about his/her years of experience. It is good and an added advantage to have access to an experienced inspector to assist you with the inspection.

Do you specifically have experience in residential inspection?

You should make sure if your home inspector has experience in residential inspection. Having inspection qualification does not assure that she/he will be able to inspect every possible area. Commercial inspection is different from residential inspection. So don’t forget to ask their experience in inspecting residential properties.

How much will the inspection cost?

Well, everything we do boils down to cost. Confirm the cost beforehand and decide if you want to work further or look for alternatives.

Do I get to attend the inspection?

This is a valuable educational opportunity, and the inspector’s refusal to allow this should raise a red flag. Never pass this opportunity to see your prospective home through the eyes of an expert.

What kind of the inspection report will you provide and when?

Just because you have given your home to someone who claims to be an expert in home inspection, doesn’t mean you should trust them blindly. It’s your home and at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to ensure its safety. So, remember to ask for an inspection report.

Will you offer after-service?

This is not a part of inspection service but wouldn’t it be great if get after-service? Are they willing to offer repair and improvement service?


You can always think out of the box and ask rational questions to your home inspector about your concerns. It is not that you should be limited to only the queries stated above.

Home protects you and your family. So, don’t forget to protect your home from diverse defects that arise in the course of time. For proper home inspection in Florida contact Precise Home Inspections. Call us at (386) 864-0400 or email us at We offer fully insured and licensed home inspection service to assure your safety. We have well-trained, certified and highly skilled inspectors.

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