Wind Mitigation Inspection Insurance Discounts


Wind Mitigation Inspection Insurance Discounts

Wind Mitigation Inspection insurance discounts can save home buyers with insurance costs. Further, it will offer the homeowners about the safety of their new home, so they could take necessary steps to improve the home and decide what areas of the home need improvements and can give savings? Find out in the infographics below. Wind Mitigation is necessary for older homes  before the year 2002 to received the insurance discounts. Some of the 7 areas of inspections covered during the inspection, may meet the requirements of discounts. Newer homes built after the year 2004 do not need a wind mitigation inspection. There seven areas of wind mitigation inspection that can give discounts. (Roof covering , roof style, secondary water barrier, Hurricane ties, windows, doors, and garage doors) These important areas inspections give discounts. Recommend all buyers get a wind mitigation inspection for older homes before the year 2002, which can cut insurance costs. Consider a Wind Mitigation Inspection to see if your home qualifies for insurance discounts. Wind mitigation insurance discounts can give long-term savings when these 7 areas of the home meet the qualifications. Always consider upgrading the home to these standards to receive these future discounts.  These upgrades will not only make your home safer but will offer good selling features in futures years to come and meet the discount requirements. 

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Realtors Referrals Realtors referrals are helpful in providing the customer with referrals. This referral system helps guide and aid the customer with the understanding of choosing the inspector with the right qualifications. By providing them with information about the choosing of the inspector. The inspector must be certified by the Florida department of professional regulation and have the knowledge to provide a detail home inspections. In addition, be certified to do other insurance inspections as well. It's important for every home buyer to research the inspector qualifications and decide if the inspector meets the qualifications and the pricing standards for those inspections. In addition, buyers have a grace period obtain the inspections requirements within that grace period. Keep in mind that not every inspector is qualified to do all the inspections that may be needed for the home purchase. So, each inspection the home inspector must be qualified and certified. Such for example, wind mitigation, 4-point, and wdo inspection require additional certifications. Be wise to choose an inspector that is fully qualified to do all the inspections. This can provide a savings as well be easier in dealing with one inspector. Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please call Precise Home Inspections at 386-864-0400 who can offer all these inspections.
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