Mold Inspection


Mold Inspection

Who would want to buy a house with a mold problem? Unfortunately, these devious tiny spores aren’t always simple to spot. We offer effective mold inspection that will help you detect mold infected areas in your home. We will help you see the potential mold dangers. Request your free estimate now!

There are two aspects of mold inspection. One is to identify the area where mold is growing, and another is to identify the problem that causes mold to nurture in the first place.

At Precise Home Inspections, we provide unbiased mold inspections services with an honest assessment. Mold growth in your home can affect your family’s  and your health. Which is why the mold industry is becoming more legitimized. Get your home inspected for mold problems from certified mold inspectors at Precise Home Inspections.

Why Us?

  • We help you discover the areas in your home that has the mold problem.
  • It is easy to show the area that has already been attacked by mold. But, we go further to look for those areas that are prone to a potential mold problem.
  • We offer thorough and reliable mold inspection services  to help you get you rid of all the health problems associated with mold.
  • Our 30 years of industry experience and knowledge helps us disclose the mold infected area even if it lurks beneath your surfaces.
  • We conduct a detailed inspection to determine the level of preparedness your home has mold problems.

Contact Us to Schedule your Florida Mold Inspection

In order to clean up residential and commercial mold problems and prevent mold growth, call us at (386) 864-0400 today. Our qualified mold inspector, William Reardon will thoroughly inspect your home and advise you on appropriate measures to protect it.

mold inspection
mold inspection

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Call today and speak with the owner of the business. William Reardon will discuss the business hours of operation, and our professional services and scheduled inspection that will fit your schedule. Often we can be flexible with our business hours and book the inspections with courtesy for customers and their Realtors.  William will work with customer schedules. Often Precise home inspection schedule will fill quickly because of high demand, so highly recommend calling to book the inspection once the contract is signed by both the buyer and seller. We request when calling to book an inspection. The following information will be needed to book the inspection and to provide a quote. The square foot of the property to be inspected, the age of the property, and the city place of the inspection to provide an accurate quote. This will make the scheduling process easier and quicker. Our goal is making the inspection experience and enjoying the moment and with great hope, you will contact Precise Home Inspections to book an inspection. Please review the website for further information about the company, insurance discounts, and company qualifications. All inspections come with a re-inspection. call-us